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.Jerry (G. Gaynor) McTigue is the author of six books,
.including the bestselling Life's Little Frustration
.Book series (St. Martin's Press), and numerous
.articles and essays for major city newspapers
.and national magazines, including The Los
.Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Chicago
.Sun-Times, Miami Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer,
.Boston Globe, Travel-Holiday, Best Buys,
.Advertising Age, and many others. His works
.have been featured on hundreds of radio and
.TV.shows throughout the US and Canada. He is
.a.former columnist for America Online and a
.member of the American Society of Journalists
.and Authors (ASJA).


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"Dropping in on the Rhone Alps" - Travel Holiday

"Giglio, Italy: Haven of Sun and Serenity" - Los Angeles Times

"Kippers, Capers and Cling Peaches" - Best Buys

"The Pick of the Viennese Pastries" - New York Post

"Skiing Davos and Grindelwald" - San Francisco Examiner

"Life's Little Travel Frustrations" - New York Daily News

"Moped Meanderings in Bermuda" - Travel Holiday

"Colmar, France: Where Miss Liberty Was Born" - Travel Holiday


"American Birthright" - Baltimore Sun

"Bring Back Sister Mary Joseph" - The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Let's Slow Down to Savor Life" - Newsday

"What Shall I Watch Tonight?" - Advertising Age

Short Fiction

"Late Odds" - Art Times


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