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Life's Little Frustration Book

..$6.99 - St. Martin's Press

..ISBN 0-312-96098-0

..Read sample entries below:


* You drop your bread on the floor, butter side down.

* The insect crawling on your restaurant table doesn't fly.

* Drivers without mufflers always do their cruising at 3 a.m.

* You blow out a flip-flop with a quarter mile of hot asphalt left to walk.

* You ask to hold someone else's baby and it spits up all over you.

* Every time you open your overstuffed closet, something falls on your head.

* You have to blow up a whole bag of short-necked balloons.

* Someone always comes out of nowhere to beat you to the cash register.

* Every time you use an airplane bathroom you hit turbulence.

* Your coat is always the one that ends up on the cloakroom floor.

* Horseflies are ingenious at getting into your house, but can never get out.

* There's no place at the cocktail party to put your Swedish meatball toothpicks.

* A flying cicada crashes into your head.

* And 352 more!

More Life's Little Frustration Book by G. Gaynor McTigue

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